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Hani Amra


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about Hani Amra

Law is Hani’s second career. For the past 20yrs, Hani worked endlessly to build a successful real estate and financial consulting career and have helped clients become financially organized and better prepared when it comes to real estate transactions and financial investments.

During that time Hani have closed thousands of real estate transactions and helped families protect and preserve their hard earned assets through proper planning and providing financial liberation for those acquiring real estate investments.

Wanting to pursue an even more focused and challenging field, Hani then opted to get his Juris Doctor degree and ultimately combine his legal expertise with his insights into real estate and more specifically estate planning.

Focusing largely on estate planning has enabled Hani to establish long-term relationships with his clients and this is at the heart of what Cornerstone is all about. People spend their lives building their wealth, buying property and maintaining investments to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Following your death, if you haven’t made the right financial moves and titled acquired property as it needs to be, then you could stand to lose it all, your life’s work gone with nothing to show for it. Hani saw a need to help those who were otherwise confused as to what moves to make, what steps to take, and what sort of plans to develop so that assets were protected. His number one job is ensuring that his clients have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their property and wealth will still be there for generations to come and not tied up in court or conflict.

Coming from a firm that handled these types of client matters in a more traditional way, Hani knew that he wanted to do things differently. He saw a flaw in the system. It was all about processing and delivering documents, and little else. The personal aspect was missing with clients regarded primarily as transactions. This is why he decided to found Cornerstone.

Cornerstone isn’t focused on billable hours or being a glorified document delivery service; Cornerstone team and Hani will be your Family Protection Lawyers. They are invested in helping you financial and estate plan throughout your entire life, because that’s what a solid, dependable attorney/client relationship should be about.

They offer a no-surprise flat fee, agreed to in advance. Clients never have to be hesitant to pick up the phone with a question or concern. They provide ongoing legal guidance without any exorbitant hourly fee. They also review your estate plan with you on a yearly basis. Needs change, assets and incomes change, your plan must adapt accordingly. This isn’t something you stick in a drawer and revisit once every five years or longer—this is a blueprint that must be consistently finetuned to accommodate the course of your life.

Creating an estate plan is a journey, it is one that Cornerstone takes with you. The documents aren’t necessarily what’s important, the relationship is. Their clients’ best interests, goals, dreams and plans are what matters, your estate plan is only a small part of that.