Our Mission

Cornerstone Law Offices, P.C.mission is to welcome mothers and fathers into their role as heads of families in an empowered way; to help them become leaders through education, understanding, and to release worry about their future by setting up their present in a mindful, thoughtful way.

Our Vision

Cornerstone Law Offices, P.C.will help families deploy their assets to their loved ones, safeguard their children from frightening and unnecessary court proceedings, and ensure loves ones are able to thrive in the face of the unthinkable. Most importantly, Cornerstone Law Officeshelp families pass on their intangible wealth--their wisdom, knowledge, insights, and values so that children have an opportunity to know their parents in the event of a sudden death or disability.

Cornerstone Law Offices isknown as the go-to boutique law firm for families with kids at home and entrepreneurs who want to build a strong foundation from the first day of business. The Firm provides a high level of one-on-one contact in a manner that makes the client feel like they have known the owner their whole lives and fosters a sense of unity between client and attorney.

From the moment the person comes into contact with the Firm whether it be through the internet, phone call, office visit, or personal meeting, they will experience an unparalleled level of personal service. Cornerstone Law Officesseeks to serve the needs of not just clients but also of staff who support the mission of the firm. Cornerstone Law Offices will be the kind of place where people enjoy coming to work, and value themselves and our clients. The firm will also invest in staff empowerment and self-leadership so they will invest themselves in the vision of the firm..

Our Values

Cornerstone Law Offices envisions a nation in which at least minimal estate planning is done as soon as a baby is born, and is part and parcel of good parenting.

Cornerstone Law Officesstands for compassion and ease in helping people face the very daunting reality of mortality.

Cornerstone Law Officesinvests in creating a personal, intimate relationship in which we help our clients become empowered family leaders, courageous innovators, people who live fully without fear or regret.

Clients of Cornerstone Law Offices will be given time, attention, energy and compassion every step of the way and will have access to legal advice and counsel throughout their lives.

How to achieve the vision:

Priority 1: Continue to invest in creating a meaningful and joyful client experience. From first call through completed planning, clients are treated with the utmost care and understanding, setting Cornerstone Law Officesapart from the many law firms who do not attend to the client experience.

Priority 2: Invest in the development of staff personnel through education, instructive feedback and training. Provide incentives for success in the form of bonuses or other rewards for client satisfaction as well as performance.

Priority 3: Create a brand that appeals to the target market via various mediums: website, social media, firm brochures, business cards, letterhead, presentations, television, radio.

Priority 4: Develop a system to generate qualified referrals from referral sources that would include tracking who sends referrals and how often, and ensures support for that client’s continued relationship with the referral source.

Priority 5: Achieve and maintain a position of being a groundbreaking leader in estate and life planning for the Southern California area.


Caring, ethical, personal and professional treatment... this is what you will find at Cornerstone Law Services!

Jihad Turk
( President of Bayan Claremont Islamic Graduate School )


Family protection at its best.. Inquire about family law, estate, will, child protection etc... You won't go wrong.

Ebru Awad


Cornerstone Law Services is here for all your asset & legal protection needs.

CH Imran

Our Team

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